Unleashing Excellence, Efficiency, and Reliability: Wiseworth Canada Industries and Its Affiliations with AIRD, BC Hydro, and FORTIS BC

At Wiseworth Canada Industries, we take pride in our professional affiliations with industry-leading organizations that share our commitment to excellence, efficiency, and reliability. Through these partnerships, we are able to provide our customers with the world’s finest air compressors and products that are designed to maximize efficiency, productivity, and reliability in various industries. Our strong affiliations include the following renowned organizations:

Association of Ingersoll-Rand Distributors (AIRD)

The Association of Ingersoll-Rand Distributors (AIRD) is an organization that serves as a collective network and resource for distributors of Ingersoll Rand air compressors and related products. AIRD provides a platform for collaboration, support, and knowledge sharing among its members.

BC Hydro logo

BC Hyrdo

BC Hydro is a major electric utility company in British Columbia, Canada. Our affiliation with BC Hydro demonstrates our commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable practices. By offering advanced air compressors and related products, we contribute to the optimization of energy consumption and help businesses reduce their environmental footprint.



 FORTIS BC is another renowned utility company serving customers in British Columbia. Through our affiliation with FORTIS BC, we strive to provide our customers with energy-efficient solutions that align with the company’s mission of delivering safe, reliable, and cost-effective energy. Our air compressors and related products help businesses enhance their operational efficiency while minimizing energy consumption.

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