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Our financing program makes it easy for customers to put equipment to work quickly, when they need it. Once you start using the equipment, it will empower your business to maximize your profits and watch the equipment pay for itself.

Our flexible financing plans feature no down payment, competitive rates, and 100% financing. 

We offer three options for financing, so there is something to suit everyone’s requirements.

  1. Get 12 or 24 months interest free – choose either 12 or 24 months and pay 0% interest during the financing period.
  2. 12-60 month Capital Lease – lease for 12 to 60 months with a simple $1 buyout at the end.
  3. Fair market value lease plan – get a true lease with the option of either returning the equipment at the end or purchasing it at current market value.

Our leasing options apply to air compressors alone or to the full system (installation included). For more information on Wiseworth Canada’s financing options, chat with one of our representatives today.

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